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Shenendoah Thompson - Singer-songwriter-guitarist

His father had a dream that he found a baby, and when he awoke he prophetically proclaimed his son was destined to be a musician. So when he first hit the stage at age 5, it set the unusual precedent for an expansive career to come. 


A difficult adolescence found him seeking ways to deal with day to day struggles. He found sanctuary in a community musical theatre company, where his love for all things performing was nurtured and grown into a brilliantly burning passion. For 10 years he performed in numerous musical theatre productions, studying every aspect of performance from acting technique to stage combat choreography to directing; building a resume with hundreds of credits.


At the same time, he was experimenting with songwriting and home recording, and began to pour his heart into his lyrics. In 2010, his freshman album Under the Radar featured a collection of memories of love, solemn regrets & unrequited longing for something a little beyond ordinary.


Now a proud father, his most recent project is a way to wear his heart forever on his sleeve. Heavy rock ballads blend together with vividly poetic descriptions to confess some thoughts we sometimes struggle to find the words for.


Quoted as having the longest list of musical inspirations a reporter had heard of, he always strives to find new sounds to express the ever-evolving emotions of a love-sick Rockstar.   


Darin Jellison - Singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist

Architect by day (and night) and singer-songwriter by night (and day), Darin Jellison strives for an engaged process with both.  


He is from Hampden, Maine and likes cold winters and mild summers.  Both are perfect for lying down outside and staring up at the sky.  It was there that Darin began his love for music and took up keyboard instruments with a passion.


He went on to Cornell University to study architecture in the best program in the country.  All the while, however, he cut his teeth on performance, singing in the all-male a cappella group Last Call, and helping form a rock band called Sweet William.  Hard work in the design studio was countered by musical performances all around central New York.  Life was crazy, but balanced: architecture and music.  Perfect.


A hiatus from music ensued after college, and he began a serious focus on becoming a practicing architect in Boston, and the five years there laid the foundation for an exceptional career in architecture.


Now, in Pennsylvania for many years, the love of performance has exploded.  Darin has played some well-known music venues around the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia, including SteelStacks, West Philly Porchfest, Ardmore Music Hall, and innumerable smaller brew pubs and listening rooms.  He is a partner at Blackney Hayes Architects. He remains dedicated to sharing his musical talents at church.  His life is again crazy, but balanced.  Perfect.


Phil Circle - Singer-songwriter-guitarist

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Phil Circle has always preferred to pursue his career on his terms, mostly by disregarding the much sought-after “record label” in favor of his own, booking more intimate venues that appreciate the musician and his work, and receiving radio play on stations all over the country and world that look for independent talent.


Phil Circle is by no means your ordinary songster picking away quietly on his acoustic guitar.  He manages to blend elements of rock, jazz, blues, folk, and even classical, to seamlessly create a style truly his own.  Add to this his often flawless and always energetic live performance, and he lands far away from what most people think of as "Singer/Songwriter."


Phil's debut release in the 90s was hailed by In The Mix as "just what the doctor ordered" and they pointed out that his music "defies rock, jazz and blues" saying his songs were "from the master class." 20 years later, Illinois Entertainer referred to his latest full band effort as proof that Phil is "one of our town's most unique voices."


"Phil Circle's prolific songwriting and powerful performance make him a staple of Chicago music." - Centerstage Chicago Who's Who in Music